Signs of Anxiety and Depression

Let me now talk about anxiety and depression in the point of view of my profession. You may not know this but the two are serious mental conditions. While they can come in separate forms, it is almost always common that they come at once in the life of a person. If you are into any of these situations, you must learn to accept them in whatever form they appear and of course seek some help from experts in the field and in which I am not (smiles).

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To get a person back into the wheel of his or her life, you should be armed with the knowledge on their signs and symptoms of anxiety and depression. You should always raise a red flag here due to the nature and effect of these conditions. Although neither of the two can cause the other, it is but common that they get noticed in concert. Bearing in mind the upshot of anxiety and depression, a timely diagnosis and early treatment is most advisable.

Anxiety, as a condition, can come in a number of ways but studies reveal that most common are sweating, irritability, sleeplessness, and impending sense of fear. A number of anxiety-struck individuals are also experiencing extreme palpitations, chest pains, and racing heartbeats. They even misplaced the same as heart attack. From the least stirring condition of stomach discomfort to tremendous worrying about getting to die at any moment are but a few signs of anxiety.

A person can also become relentless when experiencing anxiety. He is predisposed to getting into uncontrollable panic attack. By merely looking at how the person looks, we can see that he has witnessed exceedingly scary pictures. If you observe that they’re getting away from something or some situations, that really is the prompting factor of their anxiety. Whatever may be the cause of anxiety, it always boil down to the end result and that is isolating oneself from what he believes is the triggering factor. This isolation then becomes the intersection point of anxiety and depression.

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If one feels asphyxiated and seems to feel like a dark, black cloud envelopes him, then it is depression that he is experiencing. This can bring a person to suicidal attempts if he is just left unattended. A person with depression develops lack of interest in so many things; feels guilty in almost every situation; and mirrors in his face an inexplicable sadness. While as I have said some are suicidal, there are those also who just change their eating habits and those which like anxiety, always tend to isolate themselves. But in whatever apparent sign they may go, an expert’s opinion must always be sought.

As soon as any of the foregoing signs are noticed, family members must always stand on guard. As I have said, both are really serious mental illnesses. People suffering from anxiety or depression must go through series of counseling or some therapy sessions. With these approaches, they will be guided back to the right track. I however use “or” because I personally believe that a joint treatment of a person who have both anxiety and depression is not really advisable. The most I can advise is he should be treated first on his anxiety then move forward to the depression. And please experts, comment whether my opinion is right or right (LOL).


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